doooo the daaaaance

Department H QOTD

Setting: our bedroom
Time: ~7:30am this morning, shortly after the alarm had gone off

ardaniel is attempting to gain consciousness to get ready for work

ard: mmrph. bed is *comfy.*
wedge: Indeed. It's our bed.
ard: mmhmmm.
wedge: Our *conjugal* bed.
ard: mmm*hmm.*
wedge: ...where we conjugate.
* ard snorks
ard: I have, he has, she had.
wedge: voy vas va vamos van.
ard: j'ai, tu as, il/elle/on a, nous avons, vous avez, ils/ elles ont.
* ard and wedge break



We were worried that it was going to be too big, but it actually fits just right. It's a big relief having it done and in, we've spent the last couple weeks at the new place and it's felt sort of unfinished.

It really does, as the man said, tie the room together.
your Iron Chefs


So I wanted to do something for ardaniel tonight, it's St. Patrick's day, she's occasionally wistful for food from Back Home, so I figured, what the hey. After looking at a few proper corned beef and cabbage recipies and realizing that I didn't have that kind of time tonight, I focused on the cabbage. I found this Alton Brown recipe. It looked like I could bend it to my will, so I forged out to Bay Cities Deli at lunch and got a pound of thick-sliced corned beef, and picked up the cabbage and fixin's on the way home from work. I chopped the cabbage instead of shredding it because I wanted bigger peices, so I left it in the water an extra minute or so, and I'm pretty sure I used MUCH more butter than that, but, hey, butter. Tossed the corned beef on the griddle just to heat them through. The result?

The cabbage needed just a teeny bit of salt, but was otherwise perfect. It was received by ardaniel with many noms.
Look Into My Eye


Way back when, the first couple times I got to do this, my former employers mumbled something about the Academy being all weird about pictures of Oscar being independently displayed on the web. Well, I no longer work there, I've never, ever heard anything about this again, and the same company released a whole fuckload of these on a public Picasa feed.

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the truth

need help

So the new apartment goes by a letter instead of a number (there's only maybe 8 units in the building). Our's is Apartment H. ardaniel, being an Alpha Flight fan, immediately twigged on calling it Department H. I dig it as a name for the place because I like easy references like that. She's shied away from it since making the joke, on the argument that Department H aren't always the nicest people. So, any opinions on the matter?

Poll #1356168 What should we name our new apartment?

What should we call the new ArdWedgeHome?

Department H
Apartment H

Feel free to offer up other suggestions in comments. Previous domicile naming: Stately Generic Manor, Delta House, Castle Kilrah.